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Anyone who has been reading this blog will know that I have been struggling with Blastocystis homins and Dientamoeba infections since contracting them, four years ago, in the Byron Bay hinterland. More on my story here.

Today I’d like to share my herbal treatment For Blastocystis hominis and the success in finally treating both Blastocystis hominis and Dientamoeba with herbal medicines.

I have included a table of contents for you if you are looking for a specific answer. That said, I would highly recommend reading the entire article, especially if you are considering treating your Blastocystis infection.

byron herbalist todd mansfield gut health specialist

Need help with your digestion?

Hi, my name is Todd Mansfield. I am a clinical herbalist with a special interest in all things gut health.

If you are looking for digestive health support consider working with me. I see people online as well as in person from my clinic in Byron Bay.

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First Off What Is Blastocystis?

Blastocystis spp. (also known as Blastocystis hominis) is a protozoan parasite that may be responsible for a range of different symptoms in people including abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue and skin rashes. Surprisingly there are some people that have a Blastocystis infection and show no symptoms (1).  

Again please be sure to read the updated article – Is Blastocystis a Problem After All before settling on a treatment approach for your Blastocystis infection.

We have had some difficulties categorising this unicellular organism.

At various times it has been classified as a cyst of a flagellate, vegetable, yeast, and fungus and finally landing on the protist classification (2). It also has the ability to take a whole range of different forms from vacuolar, granular, and ameboid, cyst, avacuolar, and multivacuolar (3) with the ameboid form suspected as causing the most symptoms in infected people (4).

Herbal treatment for Blastocystis blastocystis herbal treatment natural treatment herbal approach

Is Blastocystis really to blame here?

This is the million dollar question.

I have spent a lot of time researching and speaking to experts on the subject of Blastocystis trying to get to the bottom of that very question. Originally I thought that Blastocystis was an outright pathogen and should be treated in anyone that came back with a positive stool test. After years of looking into it I now think that there is one of two things going on here.

Number one. You may have contracted a particularly virulent ‘strain’ of Blastocystis and this may be the cause of all of your gut symptoms. This is definitely possible and certain strains of Blastocystis have been found and do cause symptoms.

Number two, and possibly…maybe.. more likely. Blastocystis has come back on your stool test and you have blamed this particular bug for what is really some other gut condition hiding behind it. Things like bacterial overgrowths in the small intestine (SIBO) and large intestine may be the real issue here. Other things to be on the look out would be food intolerances (coeliac disease is a big one) and possibly leaky gut.

Classic symptoms that would lead me to think your symptoms are being caused by another gut issue would be things like

  • Bloating and distention shortly after you eat a meal – Classic symptoms in SIBO
  • Blood or mucus in your stool – Possibly IBD or other inflammation driven gut issues.
  • Food intolerances, headaches and brain fog – Pointing towards leaky gut and possibly SIBO again.

From my perspective these symptoms and more point to a wider state of gut dysregulation. If you are presenting with these symptoms then Blastocystis may not be your number one priority to treat.

This second option makes Blastocystis a harder bug to treat because we aren’t 100% sure that it is causing your symptoms. A healthy approach to this particular conundrum would be to keep your mind open to other possible issues that could be causing your gut symptoms and not to focus solely on Blastocystis clearing as your main objective.

Ok. Now that little disclaimer is out of the way let’s cover how I managed to clear my Blastocystis infection.

Antibiotics for Blastocystis. Maybe not?

I have tried a number of different approaches to eradicate the bugs from my gastrointestinal tract.

The first attempt was the front line approach from conventional medicine. Metronidazole, brand name Flagyl here in Australia had very little impact on the gut infections.

I am not a huge fan of antibiotics but I figured take them, get rid of the bug and then rebuild. Since then I have come across dozens and dozens of people that have tried Metronidazole with no success. There have been case studies showing an increase in the cyst count for Blastocystis spp. after taking it. I have been speculating on how this might come about. Antibiotic resistance is a real issue with gut infections. My thoughts are that many Blastocystis strains are resistant to Metronidazole and the antibiotic cleared the gut for them to take hold.

With such dismal results I turned to herbal medicine and changed my diet considerably (article on that part coming soon).

Onto herbal treatment for Blastocystis hominis number one.

Herbal Attempt for Blastocystis Infection – Number One

For my first 90 day herbal treatment for Blastocystis I combined bereberine HCl with a herbal mixture which included a number of very obscure herbs from the Amazon.

The herbal formula was from Raintree Formulations and contained a number of very unusual Amazonian herbs

Image taken from: Raintree Formulations

After the herbal treatment I felt better and my gut symptoms improved dramatically.

At that time I was already familiar with the importance of retesting. Lo and behold my stool testing came back showing both the two protozoan bugs were still there.

Not only that but after about a month or two of feeling normal again my gut symptoms came back but this time with some non-gut related symptoms including

  • Brain fog
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Food allergies

UPDATE: circling back after years of studying gut issues I suspect that I had SIBO and large bowel bacterial overgrowth (dysbiosis) the whole time. SIBO relapse rates are high, especially when the root cause has not been addressed. If I had focused on the SIBO issue from the start I could have possibly saved considerable money, time and effort. A word to the wise…

At this point I was concerned with the state of my microbiome. I have seen a number of different cases where people continually blast their guts with antibiotics and strong antimicrobial herbs in an endless attempt to eradicate the infections.

With this in mind I turned towards a rebuilding approach. I focused on different prebiotics including lactulose, fructo-oligosaccharides and different colonic foods like green tea polyphenols. I also began consuming more probiotics including Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii a potent probiotic that has been shown to treat Blastocystis effectively in some people.

Thankfully supplies the best researched strain of this particular probiotic which you can find here.

The rebuild phase is important.

Building up my reserves and caring for my gut flora helped when I took the second round of herbal antimicrobials.

Onto herbal treatment for Blastocystis number two.

Herbal Treatment For Blastocystis Number Two

Herbal treatment for Blastocystis number 2.

At this point I was feeling pretty good. I still had issues with different foods including gluten and dairy but my digestive symptoms had improved immensely.

This time I opted for a very different herbal approach.

Instead of taking berberine HCl I opted for herbs high in berberine and other similar alkaloids. The thinking behind this approach involves the drug-resistant methods that many infectious organisms use to avoid being killed by the antimicrobials.

Berberine as an extract is one molecule (as seen below). It is true that most of the research points to it as the most efficacious and ‘active’ but there are dozens of different berberine like alkaloids in herbs such as coptis and goldenseal.

It has been suggested that these similar molecules have a synergistic effect, almost overwhelming the microbe’s ability to process them.

Berberine molecule

With that in mind I opted for herbs such as Goldenseal, Barberry and Coptis. Other herbs in the mix included Wormwood, Black Walnut and Garlic. The Naturopathic tradition has a number of overarching principles. One of these is to support the different body systems during a herbal treatment or intervention.

Thinking along these lines immunomodulating herbs such as Cat’s Claw and antioxidants such as Olive Leaf are helpful.

The herbal mix, called GI SYNERGY came in very convenient capsules and was formulated to address fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections.

Even with all this in mind my second herbal attempt failed to eradicate the two bugs.

GI stool test PCR pathogen
Follow up testing after the second round of herbal antimicrobials

Onto herbal treatment for Blastocystis number three!

Continued Herbal Treatment for Blastocystis infection

At this point I was getting quite frustrated.

I even spent some time considering another round of antibiotics (different ones this time). I had seen a number of people pursue the antibiotic route with no success. Some even ending up taking the triple therapy that the Centre for Digestive Diseases recommends in Sydney, Australia, still with no luck in eradicating Blastocystis.

With this in mind I stuck to the herbal antimicrobial approach. For the third time I repeated herbal attempt number two, using GI Synergy, but I extended the treatment.

I also changed a number of things including

  • Upping my garlic consumption – sometimes eating cloves of crushed garlic and at other times sticking to the garlic capsules (my favourite one here).
  • Lactulose – this prebiotic helps to acidify the gut. It boosts beneficial bacteria in the colon, increases short chain fatty acid production and reduces the ability for Blastocystis and Dientamoeba to produce their protease enzymes which protects them from our secretory IgA antibodies. For more information check out an article dedicated to this incredible prebiotic here.
  • Probiotics – I focused on taking probiotics daily including, S. boulardii, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07
  • Biofilms – While I haven’t seen any quality research on Blastocystis forming biofilms this does not mean that they don’t. For the third attempt I threw everything I had into the mix. This included nattokinase, green tea polyphenols (high in catechins) and serrapeptase in rotation.
Fresh, crushed garlic improved the treatment.

After the herbal treatment I was very keen to retest. Waiting the 4-5 weeks before retesting was difficult but as recommended by a number of different clinicians it is better to wait to let the dust settle.

Retesting after Blastocystis treatments

At this point I am well aware of the importance of retesting after treatment. I learned this very big lesson the hard way by thinking I had killed the infections and not retesting the first time. After a few months my gut symptoms came back with a vengeance. It still took another month or two to realise and get tested again!

After one round of standard antibiotics, multiple rounds of herbal treatment for Blastocystis, half a dozen tests and retests my last PCR stool test came back clean and clear for Blastocytsis and Dientamoeba fragilis.

A PCR stool test run 4 weeks after the 3rd herbal treatment for Blastocystis

Still Symptomatic after clearing Blastocystis

Here’s the problem. And I hope you’re still here reading this bit, it’s important.

Even after successfully eradicating Blastocystis and Dientamoeba my symptoms still started creeping back after 2-3 months.

Again, coming back to the high SIBO relapse issue, I think that small intestinal bacterial overgrowth was always the issue.

Please be sure to read up on SIBO to familiarise yourself with the symptoms and root causes leading to this under-recognised gut disorder.

A proper SIBO evaluation revealed methane dominant SIBO. This form of SIBO has differing symptoms and treatment approached which you can read up on in the Methane Dominant SIBO Treatment Plan article.

SIBO breath test results post Blastocystis treatment

The interpretation from the SIBO test doctor says that no SIBO is present. Many clinicians, including myself, would consider this positive due to the 10ppm rise in hydrogen (seen in the glucose test at the 30 minute mark).

There is also evidence here of colonic methane production. This is not always an issue, but in symptomatic people may need to be treated.

So, completing the proper evaluation, which I wish I had done before the endless Blastocystis treatments, I ordered a microbiome assessment of the large intestine.

The results showed considerable dysbiosis (even after all of the herbal antimicrobials, prebiotics and probitoics!) with elevated Methanobrevibacter smithii, Bilophila wadsworthia and Desulfovibrio species.

Why is this relevant.

Well the elevated Methanobrevibacter smithii in the large bowel is the same bug responsible for most methane SIBO cases. It produces methane and slows transit time, a major cause of many SIBO cases.

Both Bilophila and Desulfovibrio produce hydrogen sulfide which is slowly being recognised as a contributor in SIBO cases. Excess hydrogen sulfide production, from these bacteria, has been shown to damage the gut lining and may be implicated in inflammatory bowel disease progression. That’s pretty big news. For a deeper dive on that subject I would recommend reading – Hydrogen Sulfide Bacteria – Implications for Leaky Gut and IBD

Ubiome result showing overgrowths of hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria in the large bowel

In the image above, taken from my Ubiome report post successful Blastocystis treatment, showing overgrowths of hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria.

Unfortunately Ubiome has gone out of business.

Thryve is stepping up to fill in the gap left by Ubiome. Their gut test offers much of the same information and uses the same technology (a major plus!). For the time being they are my recommended microbiome assessment testing provider, although I wouldn’t recommend their probiotic formulations just their gut testing.

Image taken from: Thryve

To Those Struggling With Gut Issues

If you have read this far then I’ll bet you are struggling with gut issues. Maybe you already know that you have a parasite infection and have tried antibiotics or a herbal treatment for Blastocystis. 

Many people have emailed me asking for help with their health issues. Currently I am still a student of herbal medicine (counting the days until graduation) and as such am unlicensed and can’t give any direct advice. It absolutely breaks my heart because I know how it feels.

I’ve been there. I also find it incredibly hard to recommend a specific clinician to help. Most of the ones I would recommend are booked out and are not accepting new clients. Others are still take the nuke the gut approach which can be just as destructive as broad spectrum antibiotics.

What I can do in the situation I find myself in is keep researching the complexity of gut health and keep publishing articles. In this way I can share what I’m learning and hopefully help anyone out there that needs it. I now know that a herbal treatment for Blastocystis is possible and that gives me hope for anyone out there struggling with this difficult to treat bug.

Work With Me

Treating gut infections can be complicated. As I outlined above it took me years of trying before finally clearing Blastocystis and Dientameoba. In the process I may have done more harm than good.

If you know you would like to work with me and find the root cause of your digestive troubles head over to the bookings page and select a time that works for you. I offer in person consults as well as online consults.

I know I am not the only one who has struggled for years with digestive problems. Many of you fine folks have been in touch with stories of repeat rounds of antibiotics and herbal medicine and still have all the symptoms of poor gut health.

References and Resources

  1. Oh my aching gut: irritable bowel syndrome, Blastocystis, and asymptomatic infection
  2. New Insights on Classification, Identification, and Clinical Relevance of Blastocystis spp.
  3. Blastocystis hominis revisited.
  4. Predominance of amoeboid forms of Blastocystis hominisin isolates from symptomatic patients
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  1. Hi Todd,

    My son has Blasto and I have Fragilis. I have done a similar protocol to you – did it for 5 weeks but stool sample said not erradicated. I have had Blasto before and erradicated it with the triple therapy from the CDD in Sydney you mention without any health problems. But antibiotics are still such a question for me in regards my 7 year old son. So, was wondering, on your third attempt, how long did you do the antimicrobial treatment for?? And dose? Cheers! Lara

    1. My successful protocol took 3 full months. I made sure to support my gut flora with prebiotics and probiotics during and after the herbal antimicrobials.

      It is thought that children respond well to herbal medicine and especially probiotic therapy for gut infections. That may mean a shorter protocol but you can never be 100% sure with these things.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      1. Hey Todd my name is Georgia I’m 19 years old and I have tested positive for blastocystis I’ve had this now for 4 month but I’ve been treated with antibiotics but now I’m still constipated I get so bloated after I eat and I usually fall asleep it’s effecting my everyday life please help me what should I do to get rid of it

      2. Hi Todd,

        I sure wish we lived Australia- I think you might be able to help son if we did.

        My 16-year-old son has atopic keratoconjunctivitis (started when he was 5) and previously eczema. He doesn’t have gut symptoms other than burping. When he was 8, we discovered through testing that he has blastocystis. We think he picked it up in Mexico while visiting family when he was a baby. We tried to get rid of it with herbal treatments and later several rounds of nitazoxanide. During treatment, his eye inflammation and discharge improve a great deal, but afterwards are lots worse again. We’ve also had luck with a low-starch diet, also avoiding eggs, gluten and dairy. (Testing has shown many food sensitivities, but he’s not allergic to anything else like dust mites or pollen). I’ve read that blastocystis can turn on atopy in those who are predisposed. And that it’s more likely to cause issues in children. I wonder if getting rid of blast would help with his atopic eye disorder? Please lmk if you concur with this, and if you have any ideas for us to try – blessings and thank you!
        – Ana

    2. Can I just tell everyone to drink neem tea
      Twice a day. It’s a miracle herb
      I have Rhumatoid arthritis and blasto and after 8 days my symptoms have reduced 50%
      Also cured my lichen planus gum disease so fast..I m also taking neem powder with tue.wric powder twice daily. Hope this helps someone.

    3. Can I just tell everyone to drink neem tea
      Twice a day. It’s a miracle herb
      I have Rhumatoid arthritis and blasto and after 8 days my symptoms have reduced 50%
      Also cured my lichen planus gum disease so fast..I m also taking neem powder with tue.wric powder twice daily. Hope this helps someone

        1. Hello Todd,

          Thanks for sharing your article on how you managed to cure the blastocysts. It is very insightful. Todd, today I was diagnosed with this bug of blastocysts and was given antibiotics (Metronidazole) to treat it but I m still reluctant to use antibiotics. I really want to follow your protocol and use the herbs you recommended to see if I can get rid of this parasite. I also want to try this kind of herbal tea”Neem tea” but still don’t know where to buy it from. I am currently in Indonesia and that’s where I think I have contracted this blastocyst. Thanks for your support. God bless you.

  2. Thanks Todd for that – ah, 3 months is double what we did, so that makes sense why we were unsuccessful perhaps. We also took pre and probiotics, and immune support. We took almost the same antimicrobials as you mention but in rotation. Perhaps we should stick with a selection of antimicrobials for the duration and not rotate. With the Goldenseal, Barberry and Coptis, did you simply follow the directed dose from the manufacturer? Did you use tinctures or tablets? Thx again for sharing your experience with us!! Lara

    1. not a problem at all. Happy to help where I can!

      I stuck to the one formula in capsule form. I am still waiting to hear back from a very experienced clinician who deals with these infections daily on the tincture vs. capsule debate. I know for sure that tinctures (coptis, pomegranate, propolis etc) work very well on other protozoan infections (giardia, cryptosporidium) and bacterial infections (H. pylori, klebsiella) but Blastocystis seems to be an unusual little bug. Some strains appear to be very resistant.

      I did find that lactulose was incredibly helpful with my symptoms
      again that may be strain dependant – some Blastocystis strains are impaired by the low colonic pH that prebiotics create while other strains just power on.

  3. And did you follow the manufacturer directions for dose? Thanks for the lactolose tip (we were taking galactooligosaccarides and beta glucans). And looking forward to reading your article regarding tinctures or tablets when done!

    1. Sorry on the delay! Dosage was per manufacturer. All of the herbal medicines have a therapeutic range and I wouldn’t want to take more than the recommended dose for such a long time (short term treatments you can up the dose)

      1. Thanks for the great write up! I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and I have a feeling I have either SIBO or Blastocystis (or both!). My doctor told me to get off all probiotics for two weeks before I do still testing for gut infection…which costs $350 US. My question is: I would like to save the $350 if possible… so I am wondering if taking herbs/supplements for gut infections/parasites might help me get rid of the possible infection on my own, or is it crucial that I get tested so that I know exactly what I’m working with? Thanks so much!

        1. Hey Jenna. there is a 2020 study which shows the link of Hashimotos and Blasto! Check out Dr jess MD on instagram who shares heaps of info on her site about parasites,mold etc and recently posted the Blasto and hashi link and if you eradicate blasto, your thyriod panel numbers improve dramatically! all the best

  4. Hi Todd! I have been battling BH since I learned I had it along with C. Diff. The latter has since cleared however, BH has not. I have gone through 2 months of Biocidin/Antimicrobial tx, changed my diet, getting rid of all the sugar bug eating foods however, I still have symptoms. I plan to start round 2 soon, I understand cycling treatment with the moon will better my chances to rid the parasite. What are your thoughts? I understand you can’t give prescriptions, but can you provide suggestions as I remove into round 2. Much appreciation!

    1. Hi Tody,

      Can you give us what did actually work.
      The exact doses and which brands and for how long?
      Thank you.

      Mrs Miles

    1. Can you suggest anything else as I am severely lactose intolerant and would be unable to take Lactulose. Also I can’t take probiotics and even most probiotics . But I can tolerate Sboulardii.

      1. hmmm…s. boulardii is a key probiotic here so that is helpful. The biocodex strain is the best studied one (florastor in the states). Apart from that we might have to dig a bit deeper around your history and symptoms.

  5. Hey Todd,
    My wife has been suffering with blasto for over a year now (long story – seems very similar to yours!), with multiple therapies having limited effect. I was wondering about the doses of your “final” treatment regiment….it would be very helpful to know what they were and also the brand of products you used. Others might also find this helpful…


  6. Hey bud,

    I’m in the process myself seeing a bioresonance therapist to treat BH coming up to 5 years now. The root cause and low success of herbs so far likely to have been high stomach ph which was caused by helibavtor pylori. I’m waiting for my PCR results this week so will share my story if successful with my track, but sounds like I’ve got a next phase of artillery with your final protocol if needed. Great to see your success. As per Kevin, would be great to get some brands etc of lactulose etc.

    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for your comment and sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with blastocystis too. It seems like a very common story.

      I decided not to post the brand or doses intentionally. After years of self-experimenting with high dose antimicrobial herbs I’ve come to the opinion that the treatment of this particular bug should be done under the care of a gut savvy clinician.

      I get that my answer can be frustrating but from my own experience I may have done more harm than good with the antimicrobial treatments. A more balanced approach with prebiotics and targeted herbs may be more indicated if blastocystis is the issue.

      This is the main driving force for me going back to university and studying to be a herbalist so I can help to provide people with the care they need with these complicated gut issues.


      1. Hi Nick, definitely keep us posted on how you go. Herbs should be tailored to the individual so brands and doses were avoided (as per comment above too).

        Any lactulose brand should do. I have used lac-dol with good success. There may be a SIBO picture with many blastocystis cases so go low and slow with this particular prebiotic!

        1. Hi Todd,

          I am the wife of Kevin, and I am the one who has been suffering from blastocyst h. subtype 3 for almost 2 years. Kevin and our children also have stomach pain from this pathogen, but nothing as severe as me. I am having trouble finding a ‘gut-savvy clinician’. How would one go about that? I have stopped vomiting by using herbal treatments but can not completely clear the infection. We recently visited the Tropical Public Health institute in Basel, Switzerland for help and the parasitologists there were not aware that blastocyst hominis can cause monthly vomiting and such severe symptoms. All the famous parasitologists I have met do not seem to have a clue about a cycle connected with the moon, yet this seems common knowledge for many herbalists and my symptoms match a monthly cycle. Some of my success was in using the carnivore diet, since carnivores (large cats etc.) do not carry blasto. in the wild. Do you know of any ‘gut-savvy clinicians’ in Europe ?

          Thanks, Danica
          We are currently near Geneva working on Ebola-crisis related research work…but we are in our own crisis with blastocyst hominis. (an unrecognized pathogen??)

          1. Hi Danica,

            Sorry to hear you are still struggling with gut health issues! I, much like the parasitologists you have seen, have never heard of Blastocystis causing such intense symptoms. I suspect there is an underlying gut condition at play here.

            Has your family been tested for Helicobacter pylori? This particular bacterial infection/overgrowth would be number one on my radar with symptoms such as yours. It can also be transmitted horizontally (between family members etc) so that may explain the shared symptoms (more here –

            Please keep us posted on how you go (and whether H. pylori has been ruled out already)


          2. Hi Danica, my name is nikki… And me and my daughter both dealt with the issue of blaster… Which then caused other bacterial overgrowth and Yeast overgrowth- I have been attempting natural treatment because original antibiotics of Cipro and metronidazole did not work… My daughter became sick first and I accidentally drank out of her water bottle and then I followed with the sickness… I found a Doctor Who is amazing online he’s retired but he’s leaving a legacy and he’s very knowledgeable about all these conditions… Also has his own products that are very very good… May take up to a year to eradicate… But I think it would be worth your time to look him up. His name is Dr. Eric Bakker A natural path from New Zealand… He has a very knowledgeable YouTube channel and playlist… Also recommends the test of a (Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with Parasitology )which is where I found all of our diagnoses and answers the doctors could not find! – good luck and may all our healths go back to normal!

  7. Omg, thank you for this insight Todd. I have been suffering from gut health problems to the point of depressed life and loss of partners who couldn’t handle my depleted energy state and optimism, because of the fatigued adrenals. This gives mi much home because still have blasto.

    My naturopath suggested I should eat, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper garlic and nutmeg with every meal if possible. I just ordered tests today will see if it worked, if not I’ll try your approach.

    1. Hey Jure. The spices and herbs sound like a good approach, especially the cloves and garlic. Just remember to keep an eye out for other possible gut conditions that may be the issue. I have found people tend to blame blastocystis just because it is easy to find. Keep us posted on your progress!

  8. Hi Todd,
    Did you exclude any specific foods from your diet whilst treating yourself? ie no sugar, no alcohol?

    1. Hi David.
      I tried a handful of diets from ketogenic to low-fat (that one is more indicated for Giardia infection though). I’ve come to the thinking that it is very individual and depends on what else is going on in the gut. Avoiding alcohol is definitely a good idea and I found a lower refined carbohydrate diet to be helpful too.
      Hope that helps!

  9. Thanks Todd. I appreciate the advice. I’ll let you know how I go. One last question – do you think apple cider vinegar would perform a similar function to a lactulose prebiotic?

    1. No problem at all. Apple cider vinegar may help with certain digestive symptoms but it won’t work like lactulose. Lactulose has a very specific effect on the gut flora. I found it incredibly helpful when I was treating my blastocystis infection.
      Keep us posted on how you go!

  10. Hello Byron,
    I really appreciate your website. I have been struggling with natural treatments for blasto these last few months (mostly essential oils like oregano, cloves, cinnamon and thyme and anti-parasitic tinctures with wormowood, etc. and s. boulardii + l-glutamine) and although they make me feel a bit better, the parasite is still there and I still feel sick. I was also diagnosed with SIBO / dysbiosis via a breath test but have no further details regarding this as the drs here in France are very limited what concerns this diagnostic. I am now wondering if I should concentrate myself on treating SIBO and if then the blasto will disappear or stop creating other symptoms?

    I must say that I starting feeling bad about 8 months ago after an antibiotic treatment for an UTI and right after I did (my first) gastroenteritis… Your opinion is very valuable to me, thank you in advance!

      1. Hey Roxana,

        Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

        Gut conditions can be complex but I would place SIBO treatment well above treating a blastocystis infection. The good thing is that most SIBO treatments will help on the blastocystis front too! It seems like you are on the right track with the herbs (although we focus on whole plant herbs rather than essential oils as they can be very rough on the beneficial gut bugs!). Was your SIBO breath test methane dominant, hydrogen or both? All very important in the treatment and maintenance phase.

        Hope that helps!


  11. Thank you for replying, Todd!
    Unfortunately I don’t know whether I have dominant methane or hydrogen SIBO as the dr wouldn’t give me any details / no written diagnostic either. And this was the only dr in the area which does the breath test… He gave me some dietary tips and some natural treatment which doesn’t work. Are there herbs / natural SIBO treatments which work for both types?

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. No problem, happy to help! There are a few herbs that overlap but the approach is very different when treating methane vs hydrogen dominant SIBO. It is possible to take a guess at which one depending on your symptoms. Here is some info on methane dominant symptoms and general treatment approaches
      Hope that helps! Sorry I can’t give specific health advice.

  12. Wow! So glad I came across your site after receiving the news today I have BH. I’ve had all the classic symptoms for YEARS and told everything from ‘it comes with age’, you’ll have to live with bloating, etc, ‘it’s in my head’… After reading your own journey I’m not going to waste time on Flagyl and go herbal. Will keep reading and share information with my nutritionist / herbalist. Thank you!

  13. Thanks for the kind words dawn! The website has been a labour of love, lots of personal experience and countless hours of research and input from some very gut savvy naturopaths who have been mentoring me! I hope it helps 🙂

    Just a comment on blastocystis. I have started to see it as a proxy for some deeper gut imbalances (not saying it’s not an issue but just to keep your eyes out for other gut issues…SIBO, large bowel dysbiosis etc).

    Keep us posted on your progress and sing out if I can help!


    1. Update. Everyone on here should check out Doug Kaufmann’s The Fungus Link. Byron, you were a good starting point but there could be so much more going on and what can be done by diet modification according to Kaufmann. He’s got a huge following on Facebook. His website is (I’m not affiliated with him or the site). Good luck everyone!

  14. Hi Todd

    I have a 5 year old with BH. He is on alkaline diet and has no carbs, sugar, animal products. His tummy is really big which is a concern. His stools are normal and he goes at least twice a day. He seems to be always hungry and craving carbs. His homeopathic dr prescribed berberine but that didn’t work. Can you help???


    1. Hey Leigh,

      The best I can do is put you on my wait list for mid December (currently I am just finishing my degree and am not yet licensed to treat or give specific health recommendations) – see here for more –

      There may be some concurrent gut dysregulation going on here. Constant bloating may be a sign of SIBO or possibly even methane dominance in the large bowel (you would have to test here to confirm).

      Sorry I can’t be of more help!


  15. Hi Todd,
    I really appreciate your article. I`m an Australian living in Switzerland and don`t have much faith in doctors. Four weeks ago I started experiencing quite violent diarrhoea. I waited a couple of weeks before going to the doctor thinking it was something that would clear up on its own. A blood test turned out clear (I’m a relatively healthy person). However, the stool test showed that I have blastocystis hominis. I kept/froze a portion of the fish that I think caused it – I haven`t been anywhere exotic so it must be something I`ve eaten – this makes me really angry because it`s like I paid to get sick! Funnily enough, it cleared up for a few days but then the diarrhoea returned. I just started taking Flagyl (antibiotics) but like you, I have little faith in antibiotics and prefer natural solutions because I want it eradicated not just slowed down. I will try the products you recommended. Once again, thankyou for the time and effort you put into your article. I will let you know how things turn out. Janine

        1. Thanks Mela. Yes indeed Doctors Data does screen for blastocystis. The PCR based stool testing (often free from your local doctor) also screens for blastocystis and is quite reliable.

  16. Hi, I am desperate for help, I have major gut issues, nausea, diarrhea almost every night and through the night, I have a skin rash all over my
    body, and it’s getting worse. I haven’t been to the doctor yet, I am continuously researching online and came across your article. My gut is in constant pain am bloated, I really want to get my gut right naturally and am trying to avoid antibiotics.

    1. Hi Carleena.

      The bloating, nausea, gut pain and rashes may be pointing to a SIBO picture. As it sounds quite serious it might be best to see a doctor (hopefully they will rule out serious infections and things like helicobacter pylori – more here

      Have a read of the Complete Guide to SIBO to see if you relate to some of the signs and symptoms –

  17. Hi Todd,

    Thank you for your work and providing guidance in this complicated matter!

    I have a few questions:
    1. Does wormwood mean „sweet wormwood“?
    2.a) Did you take all of the above mentioned herbs (Goldenseal, Barberry, Coptis, Wormwood, Black Walnut, Garlic) simultaneously during your 3-months treatment period? Or perhaps only 2-3 at a time and then changed to the next 2-3?
    2.b) If only 2-3 at a time, how long approximately did you take any combination of herbs in a row – i.e. 2 weeks herbs A + B, the next 2 weeks herbs C + D, thereafter 2 weeks of herbs E + F, and then repeated this pattern?
    3. Are there herbs that go particularly well with or compliment eachother (i.e. barberry + goldenseal or rather barberry + garlic etc.)?
    4. Did you include Cat’s Claw and Olive Leaf from the beginning or only towards the end of the protocol?

    Can’t wait to begin treatment as this blasto diagnosis seems to be the last piece of the puzzle…

  18. Hi Todd,

    I have the exact 2 parasites that you had and so grateful for your blog. Would you mind giving the posology details of your round 3 please?

    Specifically for the S. boulardii (how many mg & how many times a day etc.), the biofilm busters and garlic? And for how long?

    Thank you so much! Really hoping to get rid of these.

    1. Hi Tina, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

      1. Wormwood (in this case) refers to Artemisia absinthium (more of the common wormwood).

      2. Each herbal round took about 3 months – Blastocystis is very difficult to treat and generally takes a longer approach (I’ll update the article this week…looking back on it it isn’t clear enough)

      3. For each of the attempts outlined above I took all of the herbs together.

      4. Cats claw and olive leaf from the very start…

      Circle back in a week or so…I will do a major overhaul of the article as it needs updating 🙂

      1. Thank you Todd! So I will wait before ordering my herbs until I read your update next week.
        I appreciate your time and efforts!!

          1. Hey Tina,

            Thanks for your patience!

            I have updated the article (included links to the products that I used) and included a link to an article I would love everyone with Blastocystis to read before going down the never ending treatment route.

            Hope it helps! Feel free to post up any questions or comments. I love the feedback.


    2. Hi Seb. Unfortunately it was so long ago that I can’t remember dosages. The timeline is long – 3 months per round.
      Blastocystis and d. frag can be very very difficult to treat and in most it might not be necessary to completely eradicate them. I think I have done more harm to my gut than good going so hard for so long!
      More on that in an update I am writing now…

  19. Hello Todd, I have contracted blastocystis hominis too.
    The doctor has me on omega-3 and vitamin D supplement.
    I’m eating garlic, cloves and taking probiotics SB.
    Are trying to remove all carbs from my diet.
    What else can I do to remove it?

  20. Hi Todd
    Would you suggest a full vegan diet, green smoothies etc as being beneficial to treating ongoing stomach issues. I have been diagnosed with BH but I feel its more. Chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, cramping, bloating after everything I eat, gassy.. I am wheat, dairy and sugar intolerant also. Fructose keels me over in pain. I need help to clear these symptoms as its affecting my relationship and ability to function day to day. Thanks kindly

    1. Hi Paqui, apologies on the delay in getting back to you!

      My approach would be to find the root cause of your digestive health issues. Just on your comment I would be looking at the possibility of SIBO (more here – History and symptom presentation would reinforce this suspicion and a breath test would confirm or deny it.

      Get in touch here – if I can help in any way 🙂


  21. Hi Todd, my 4 yo son has Dientamoeba and blasto. As did I but I eradicated it with a six week intensive herbal and probiotic plan.
    We’ve been battling treatments and symptoms for my son for almost a year.
    Metronidazole failed. A herbal approach combining clove oil, an antiparasitic blend Parex(wormwood, pomegranate, black walnut). with SB pro and strong probiotic, small daily garlic cloves and turmeric. The Six week treatment (switching oregano oil for parex every two weeks). Failed!
    Finally opted for a course of Paromomycin… failed.
    Nearing my my wits end.dont want to mess with his little gut any more.
    Happy to make an Online appointment if you think you can help? Any advice appreciated. Thank you!!!

    Thanks heaps.

  22. Buenos días. Soy María. Vivo en Bogotá colombia. Enun coprologico reporta blastocistys hominis presente. En otro una semana después reporta negativo, sin tratamiento.tengo sintomatología crónica de diarrea, dolor abdominal, flatulencia y distensión abdominal. El coproscopico reporta ph 6, azúcares reductores negativo y prueba de sangre humana hemoglobina negativo. En tres coproscopico seriados no muestra b. Hominis de nuevo, pero sigo con la sintomatología. Que hacer. Mil gracias. No he tomado nada.

    1. hola Maria, tambien resido en bogota podrias realimentar como estas en el presente, si hiciste algo adicional, se erradico el blascistys hominis de tu flora?? que hiciste.. gracias

  23. Dear Todd,
    Thank you for your information about these organisms. Your website is very informative regrding Blasto,and Ameoba infections which I am fairy knowledged in scientfic research papers on this issue of Blastosis.
    I am from Sydney since 1996. I am a Sri Lankan born have been working in Southern africa in Swaziland many years. I havebeen working with world bank school projects for few years. These areas are very underdeveloped and only have running water in the down stream where cattle and other animals drink water and no doubt even animal waste also runs thru those creeks.
    we fetch water from there for washing, bathing and drinking too. I used to boil water for drinking though!!!?
    I suspect i have had infections like Blasto, Pylori and amoeba.
    I had numerous tummy problems like acid reflux, gastritis and IBS symptoms.Treated Pylori and ameoba suucessfully about 10 years ago. I still have a lot of tummy problems and recent stool tests found that Blastosis is prevalent in my system. May be it wasnt discovered earlier. I have used all the antibiotics in the world however no way i found the answer to eradicate this.I am no more interested to have antibiotics in my system.
    I am going to make an appointment to discuss further regrding this to find a complete cure by natural medication. Could you please advice me whether i can make an appointment to discuss by phone.??

    1. hola Maria, tambien resido en bogota podrias realimentar como estas en el presente, si hiciste algo adicional, se erradico el blascistys hominis de tu flora?? que hiciste.. gracias

      1. Hi, I’m Angela, I’ve had a terrible battle with helicopter H pylori. Been treated 3 times with antibiotics. But I keep having really bad feet knee and leg joint pain. I feel I have got parasites. What will kill those Alex he got bacteria for good? Thank you so much.

  24. Hi Todd,
    My daughter and I are both fighting Blastocystis hominis. I just found out my daughter also has H.Pylori. I did the antibiotic route and it eradicated my H.Pylori but did nothing to the BH. I have not yet put my daughter on the antibiotics, I am a bit hesitant. I am very interested to try your 3rd round approach. Have you heard about the benefits of drinking celery juice on an empty stomach in the A.M.? Its supposed to be amazing for eradicating bugs. I am curious to know your thoughts and if anyone has had any success with adding that to their protocol.

    1. Hi Leah, Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I have not had much experience with the celery juicing, nor have any of my patients. That’s not to say it isn’t effective, I just haven’t looked into it yet!

  25. Hi Tod!
    I want to start by thanking you for your fantastic work! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and this important information.
    The gut and its flora has always been a big mystery to me but thanks to your website I start to understand a little bit.

    I’ve never had problems with my gut until this january, after a Thailand trip. I went to the doctor, did a test and it turns out I have blastocystis.
    I have read your articles and posts and it gives me hope! Im prepared to heal myself.

    Knowing now maybe blastocystis isn’t the main problem, I still figure to eliminate this bug since I’ve never had this symptoms of bloating and always been following a diet of no meat, less gluten, less lactose, eating more green, raw food etc..

    My idea is to follow your advice with the
    -Pro-beotics (the ones you mention in your 3rd herbal treatment)
    -Gi Synergy
    -matcha the
    Peppermint, salvia the

    Do you think I’m on the right track?
    Is this treatment also effective in case i have sibo,
    or do I risk going to hard on my gut?

    Thank you again!
    Best regards Tijana from Sweden

  26. Hello Todd, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I had a tenacious Blasto/Dientamoeba fragilis Fi-infection from 2013-2015, which finally resolved with a 6-week herbal protocol that included a product called Ultra MFP (Douglas Labs), Wormwood capsules, and Oregano Oil capsules, as well as NAC, and a weekly coffee enema. Having already tried pharmaceuticals (metronidazole and paromomycin without success in eradicating the Blasto), and a différent herbal protocol, I was thrilled to have success with this 2015 protocol. I did still have loose BMs for a period afterwards but they resolved with a course of gut repair supplements combined with diet and daily qigong.

    However, in 2018 I contracted Blasto again and for two years I managed fine without any symptoms except slight food sensitivities again. After a stressful few months starting in March, the Blasto seems to be causing the old undesirable symptoms that I experienced in 2013-2015. So once again I feel compelled to try to eradicate it.

    I might try the protocol you mentioned above.

    One question I have is: because I am more of the Pitta dosha in Ayurveda and have a skin condition that becomes aggravated by heating herbs like garlic, what would you substitute into the protocol instead of the garlic?

    Thanks very much!

  27. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge – so helpful (and hopeful!) to read.

    I have Blasto and after a failed attempt to clear it with antibiotics (Trimethoprim & Paromomycin) I have sought the help of a naturopath who has given me a Pomegranate Herbal Mixture to take for 3 months before re-testing.

    I am already taking probiotics and keen to also take the lactulose. Unfortunately I am unable to take garlic as I am sensitive to it (any other suggestions instead of the garlic?).

    My question is, with the nattokinase, green tea polyphenols and serrapeptase in rotation – how often do you rotate? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?


    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Best to work with your naturopath. The pomegranate husk is a great recommendation! I have been focusing almost exclusively at rebalancing the gut ecosystem rather than trying to outright kill blastocystis. I often find simply reducing it’s numbers and focusing on creating a healthy, acidic gut is enough to resolve all symptoms in most patients.

  28. Hi Todd,
    I have a chronic high Blasto and Dientameoba infection and have been prescribed Tongkat Ali extract. Apparently this also works to balance the hormones too because the infection causes low testosterone. I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue and early liver damage, copper toxicity and extremely high eosinophils so am allergic to most foods and my asthma is not good. I also have high cholesterol due to the liver damage. I have been put on low sulphur diet for 7-10 days alternating with semi-restrictive (I don’t want to loose any more weight) SIBO diet 7-10days. I personally have no bifidobacterium infantis in my gut and need to supplement with this to drown out the bad guys who’ve taken up camp. I’ve been taking saccromyces boulardii for a long time now but am so tired of self treating and researching that am seeing a practitioner now. About to do a sibo breath test soon so will hopefully get clearer picture of that too. Thanks for your info 🙂

  29. How much garlic cloves and/or garlic pills you took per day. I did notice if I drink green tea have less hominis but still they are there. I have spent a fortune on all kinds of herbal remedies to no success. What should I eat??? Is brown rice ok

  30. Hello Todd,

    I tried three years all herbal methods without success.
    Last year I killed Dientamoebia with TMP Antibiose successfull but Blasto is already working…..! I have checked for SIBO severall times, but I have definitly no SIBO. The low SiGA is the root cause for my problems which is caused by Blasto. Also the subtype kills the Bifidos/Lactos….so the root cause must be in the focus. I got Hashimoto and IBS and and and a lot of problems.

    The next step I will do is the Intra-colonic Infusion of Anti-parasite Agents for Resitant Blastocystis hominis from Prof. Borody! Novel triple anti-parasite intracolonic infusion for Bh infection achieves a significantly higher eradication rate than current therapies and has improved patient tolerability. We propose this as first-line therapy for difficult Bh infections.
    If you are interested I will send you the details. It seems to be working with the new methos 100 % !! No oral use of three Antibiotics, only one intracolon infusion and 10 days Nitazoxanide….
    best regards from Michael (germany)

  31. Hello Todd

    This is a great article. I’m trying to buy some of the supplements you used. It is important to have the exact number after the probiotics? I’m trying to buy Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07 but can only find Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-04 or ones where no number is mentioned. Thanks


  32. thanks so very much for sharing your journey Todd. Greatly appreciated! lots of anti-parasitic love from down the road, Coffs Harbour 🙂

  33. Todd, This is a great site by the way…I, like most visiting here are dealing with some chronic issues. What I see as one of the main problems is: SIBO, IBS, etc are all medical labels which just name the principle body part of syndrome/manifestation. Really we have an array of toxins, virus, bacteria, parasites, radiation, etc that are the real causative agents involved. And the truth is: What can be done about them. We do our best to eat organic and well, etc and avoid toxic exposures but our planet is beyond repair. It might be good to go beyond the labels to the primary physical causative agents (of course their our emotiomal-mental and spiritual causative agents as well but that is beyond the scope of your main work). You get my point. Keep up the great work mate! Take good care, Michael

  34. Can you provide a list and links to the diagnostic tests you found helpful?
    Thanks for writing this article. I’m sure you will help many others!

  35. Hi Todd, I have entamoeba hystolitica and blastocystis.

    I use berberine hcl, castella texana, probiotics and prebiotics.

    I can use other plant?
    I need help, is hard this.

    The MDs Send antibiotics but this dont work.

  36. Hi Todd, thanks for putting this online to give us some hope we can eradicate this parasite naturally. I’ve done multiple antibiotic treatments including the triple infusion and still have it. Have bought everything you have used and plan to start a 3 month protocol as soon as I have it all. Just wondering if you only took one packet of the GI synergy per day of if you took it twice a day (morning and evening)? Many thanks once again, another Todd

      1. Dear Todd,
        I see on Amazon that the GI Synergy is not available anymore 🙁
        Could you recommend a similar complex with the same composition of herbs and doses?

        Hope to hearing from you.
        Thank you so much!

  37. Hello Dr. Todd. First of all congratulations on becoming an herbal doctor (soon :D) I think I am going the same direction. I am an RN that loves herbs, plants, spices, essential oils. But, let us get back to the gut issues. I believe that all of the body’s ailments start in the gut. I battled h pylori years back with failed triple antibiotic treatment. I cured myself with mastic gum (amazon $10). I chew gum each day and so did a child of my friend that ended up many times in hospital with severe problems. I cured my daughter naturally from severe GERD (she was choking almost daily and I was told she can choke and die anytime). It was a nightmare but Nat Phos 6x given over the period of few weeks, where I lowered the doses gradually, thought her gut how much acid to produce and she stopped vomiting after the treatment was done. A year or so back, my daughter got Blastocystis hominis. She had a pain around belly button every time she ate and later even if she drank water. She received a treatment of Flagyl, but still had little issues, which we supported with probiotics and prebiotics. I myself have been bloated after eating meals for few years now, which besides another reason, brought me to your site. I will try to do your third treatment with the support of the second treatment and will circle back to you with any results. I absolutely love God’s plants that were given to us as a gift. More and more people are being failed by western medicine. I watch it first hand. I was wondering if you are aware of any herbal schools in Florida/USA. I am about to do a research, but perhaps you being in the market of herbal medicine could have an advice for me. Should I choose an online school? Thank you for any advice.

  38. Hey Todd. I appreciate your website and I am going to order the same herbs and probiotics you have tried. I am having severe abdominal pains and also muscle twitches all over the body. I did a stool test and came back positive for blastocystis hominis, which might be the cause of my symptoms, but I’m not sure. The body twitches is a strange symptom, although in my own research on the internet I can see it can be related to certain types of infections originating from the gut. I have never had health issues like this, so this is brand new, in the past 2 months. I am generally a pretty healthy guy. I recently purchased new puppies in Colombia, and it seems they passed on this parasite to me, since they too came back positive for parasites.

  39. What a fucking idiot…. a 90 day pill taking effort??? IF YOU REALLY HAD IT YOU WOUDL NOT HAVE MESSED AROUND FO RANOTHER 90 DAYS…… chronic constipation, chronic fatigue, chronic stomach pains and you waited to try fancy pants hippy pills first??? WAKE DA FUCK UP……. Flagyl kills it in a hurry…. stop talking bullshit!

  40. Hi Todd, I realise this article was written a few years ago but hopefully you’ll get this comment. I am booked in with you in a months time but am just researching all I can in the meantime. I have confirmed Blastocystis hominis and have had abnormally high B12 since around 2018, without supplementation. Is there a connection here and also is it possible that high plasma level is in fact masking a deficiency? Liver and kidneys are fine, according to bloods and US. Thank you in advance

  41. I am 62yr old female. (I have blastocystis which has improved over past two years with antibiotics and gut support supplements). I’ve just been prescribed two types of antibiotics which the blastocystis is not resistant to.

    I have also just been put on a small dose of oestrogen in addition to the progesterone I’ve taken successfully for two years.

    I’m concerned about my histamine intolerance.
    I’ve also been told to take soy isoflavens to keep the oestrogen in control. I’m concerned the soy which is high in histamine and the oestrogen are going to cause major problems. (Especially as I’m about to take the antibiotics!)

    Any comments would be appreciated (I’m in the uk)

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