histamine intolerance: Find Your Root Cause Course

Finding the root cause driver of your histamine intolerance can be difficult but what does this actually mean?

I have spent years coaching people through how to manage and find the root cause driver of their histamine intolerance (aka histamine overload). Sometimes they didn’t even know histamine was a driver of their chronic and debilitating symptoms and other times they knew and had been trying unsuccessfully to manage it for years.

Without finding your individual root cause, aka the ‘why‘, you’ll be stuck eating a low histamine diet, sometimes experiencing symptom flares with seasonal changes or exposure to dust mites and always wondering why everyone else can eat whatever they want with little obvious repercussions.

We’re working away in the background on an ebook and a short course to walk you through the most common drivers of histamine intolerance and some simple steps to take to manage the symptoms and address the root cause. People often want a simple answer to what is driving their histamine intolerance and for some the answer isn’t simple. It can be wrapped up in nutrient deficiencies, toxic exposure to mould, heavy metals or pesticides or even an imbalance or infection in their gut.

If you’re interested then simply jump on the wait list above and I’ll update you when it’s ready. In the meantime I can send you a few bits and pieces on histamine intolerance and natural approaches to managing it to keep you busy.

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