SIBO: Treatment With Probiotics. A Promising Study

SIBO treat your sibo naturally how to treat sibo

Antibiotic use is the number one approach to dealing with dysbiosis, SIBO and gut infections of all kinds. As an alternative, herbal antimicrobials can be used. Generally they are much less damaging on the gut microbiome but still they take a toll on the resident population, friendly or less-than-friendly.

Often a probiotic is recommended alongside the antimicrobial approach to lessen the blow to the microflora. It surprised me to learn that certain probiotics, more popular in Europe than here in Australia, actually secrete antimicrobial peptides and bacteriocins.

Introducing Bacillus spp.

The genus of bacteria Bacillus is a gram positive aerobic bacteria that is found in asian fermented foods like natto and are also used as a starter culture for soybean ferments in West Africa. Not all strains and species of the genus Bacillus are friendly and some are implicated in food poisoning and food spoilage. Careful selection of certain strains and species is made to ensure human appropriate probiotics (1).

Bacillus clausii has been investigated, with success, for its potential to aid in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori by reducing certain side-effects from the heavy hitting triple-therapy which consists of two antibiotics and an acid suppressing drug (2).

Treating the Gut with Bugs Not Drugs

The most exciting paper on Bacillus used a probiotic containing Bacillus clausii to treat SIBO patients. 40 SIBO positive patients, confirmed by an abnormal breath test, were given the Bacillus clausii probiotics three times daily for thirty days.

One month after the probiotic intervention ended each patient retested for SIBO using the same glucose breath test. Incredibly 47% of the patients had cleared the SIBO confirmed by negative, or normal, breath tests.

Unfortunately this research didn’t incorporate the gold standard randomised, blinded control trial but at least it is a good start. Even the possibility of being able to treat small intestinal bacterial overgrowth with probiotics as opposed to antibiotics (pharmaceutical or herbal) is promising.

Perhaps the answer to future and more successful treatments for SIBO, dysbiosis and parasite infections is a combination of both. I’m sure we will see more promising research in the future looking into treating with bugs and not drugs.

References and Resources

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  1. The human microbiome, especially in the ‘gut,’ is comprised of diverse populations of bacteria. Further, it’s been found that diversity, not just high doses of a singular type of bacteria are going to help. And finally, the delicacy of the bacterial balance in the microbiome is so touchy, that it only really favors specific types of bacteria– among other factors that determine whether or not the bacteria or colony will stick in the gut. Anything otherwise is merely transient in nature.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is stop being a shill for products that don’t and won’t work. Probiotics of the future (like 5-15 years down the line), maybe, will work but research still has a long way to go with this field.

    1. 100% agree with everything you’ve said about the microbiome and the need for more research. I do think that we can benefit from the research that is out there on SIBO and probiotic use. I’ve seen half a dozen trials showing benefit from lactobacillus spp, bifidobacteria spp, the bacillus bacteria in this article and even yeast microorganisms like saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii. If you come across anything interesting let me know!

  2. I have IBS (right side lower abdominal pain)for the last approx. 20 years, acidity, gerd, reflux ,inflammation in les area,constipation,gum bleeding, weight loss,
    Now I doubt I have SIBO as well maybe.
    In Last two years sometimes my all symptoms went away and I was 100% ok for one week when I use wheat grass power taken empty stomach, on other occasion when I used bone broth,
    But I comes back again after one week even if I keep using these.
    Now recently I used meta align which improved my symptoms by 50-60%,
    Now I start believing that by using only probiotics maybe I will be able to cure myself.
    Please suggest your opinion.
    I live in Act Canberra.

  3. Hey Jags. Impossible to make any suggestion without a full overview. Best I can do is point you in a few directions…
    One would be the possibility that SIBO is causing your symptoms (sounds like you are onto that one already).

    There could also be a large bowel issue going on here

    IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion so you would need to rule out things like SIBO, gut infections, food intolerances and even coeliac disease first.

    Let me know how you get on!

  4. Id like the medical community to recognize how electrical and magnetic fields play a role in gut health. i honestly believe electricity, especially wireless, is what is causing our health battles. we are killing ourselves. i bet it’s the cause of leaky guy/SIBO.

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