GERD & Melatonin With Promising Results

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When it comes to treating GERD elimination of refined foods, reduction in carbohydrates and improvement/increase of gastric acid and digestive enzymes is the first approach. For people that still experience reflux, testing and treating gut imbalances and infections is the next step. If GERD symptoms are still present that means that the root cause has not been addressed fully.

Following on from a previous article this article will explore an interesting trial with 100% success for the GERD patients


GERD and Melatonin

A paper, published in 2006, looked into the effects of melatonin and a combination of amino acids and vitamins (l-tryptophan, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, methionine and betaine) on patients with GERD.

To qualify for the trial, potential patients had to experience “moderate to very severe heartburn or regurgitation in the past 7 days.”

351 patients suffering from the range of symptoms associated with GERD were split into two groups. One group of 176 patients took the melatonin supplement for 40 days. During that time period they were to avoid other medications including the acid suppressing drugs.

The other arm of the trial, n=175, were administered one of the common acid blocking drugs, omeprazole.

After 7 days of the melatonin supplement many patients reported relief from their heartburn and GERD symptoms and after the 40 days of treatment every individual in the melatonin group experienced total regression of symptoms.

In the acid blocking group, remember this is that standard treatment for GERD and heartburn, 65.7% experienced relief from their symptoms.

The interesting aspect of this trial was in the cross-over. 60 patients that received the acid suppressing drug and didn’t experience symptom relief were given the melatonin/vitamin supplement for the 40 days. Every one of them reported complete regression of symptoms as well.


Questions and Possible Answers

As with most interesting papers these results raise more questions than they answer. Some thoughts on the biochemical process that led to melatonin helping to eliminate GERD symptoms include

  • Melatonin’s inhibitory action on gastric acid secretion and heal ulcers
  • Melatonin inhibits nitric oxide biosynthesis which could in part limit transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations (TLESR) (3).
  • The additional vitamins and amino acid acted as an analgesic supplement and possibly contributed some anti inflammatory actions



References and Resources

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  1. So far I am starting to use Melatonin with Betaine. I am experiencing some relief first day. I am an herbal believer. I use to use PPI ( Pantropazole and drop almost 10 pounds just in one week) I have used it for one month and a half per Dr direction and I really regret it to use this medication as this med can cause osteoporosis and Cancer!

    I knew got it to be a better way to treat health problems condition without side effects. I do recall my grandparents using herbal remedies for everything and didn’t touch the hospital. They last in the ’90s.

    Today’s date with multi pharma medication, I do strongly believe this actually killing people not improving their health condition. This drugs is for the short term and not for the long term. But many people stick with it for a longer period even for years causing them a multitude of enfermedies.

    Alternative actually works but it does take a longer period of time to see the results but without the side effects.

    You must know exactly the root of the problem before making a decision about what is best for you. Sometimes doctors do not even know, that is what exactly happens to me.

    This is the reason I have chosen alternative medicine and I see improvement on my health.

  2. I know this study is old now but I would love to hear from you regarding Gerd
    I am a very long term user of acid blockers and was interested in your therapy of melatonin and ppI

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