Yersinia Infections – Testing & Natural Treatments


Yersinia enterocolitica is a bacterial infection that I have seen in patients with chronic digestive health issues. With a Yersinia infection common symptoms include diarrhoea and cramping but this bug can cause a range of other digestive issues. When approaching this bacterial pathogen the goal is complete eradication rather than rebalancing or reducing its numbers […]

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Candida infections: Three Testing Options

candida infections three testing options

Candida is often the first thing that patients think has gone wrong in their gut. Frequently it is more complicated and often involves bacterial overgrowths, enzyme dysfunction leading to food intolerances as well as potential fungal overgrowths. That said, the more functional testing I do the more I realise that fungal and mould overgrowths and […]

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E. coli as Driver & Treatment: IBD series

Escherichia coli, or E. coli, is a gram negative bacteria that is a common inhabitant in a healthy gut. However, certain strains of this particular species are known pathogens that can contribute to active inflammation and drive inflammatory bowel disease. Surprisingly, the treatment of certain inflammatory bowel disease cases is possible with certain non pathogenic […]

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Histamine Intolerance & the Gut

histamine intolerance and the gut

There is a strong connection between histamine intolerance and the gut. This inability to deal with high histamine foods in my patients with gut conditions like SIBO, coeliac disease and IBS is something I see in the clinic every week.  Today we will be covering the science behind histamine intolerance, the enzymes that help to […]

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Natural Campylobacter Treatments – Herbal Medicine and The Gut

campylobacter infections natural treatment herbal treatments for campylobacter jejuni SIBO bacterial infections naturopathic treatment

Campylobacter jejuni, a gram negative bacterial infection, is a major cause of bacterial gastroenteritis worldwide. Today we will be covering what Campylobacter jejuni is, how it affects the body and some natural treatments to discuss with your gut health practitioner when considering treatment options.  Campylobacter jejuni overview  First a quick overview on the Campylobacter genus.  […]

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