Klebsiella: Infection, Detection and Natural Treatment

klebsiella bacterial overgrowth treatments natural treatments byron bay naturopath herbal medicine

Klebsiella infections are more common than you would think. Because you have ended up here I am assuming that you or someone you know has found a Klebsiella infection and you want to know more. Read on to learn what Klebsiella actually is, the symptoms it may be causing and possible treatment options. A Primer On Klebsiella Bacterial Overgrowth Members of the Klebsiella […]

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SIBO: Does SIBO Cause Rosacea?

small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and rosacea SIBO treatment options natural gut health digestive health naturopath herbalist byron bay

SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, has been on my mind recently. For a long time it wasn’t looked for, talked about or even really known about by many healthcare providers here in Byron Bay and Australia in general. Things are changing. Thanks to new and affordable testing, growing evidence and increased education, SIBO is now […]

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