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Australia/New Zealand Patients

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and are interested in working with me please continue on to the bookings section below.

Please Read Before Booking

  • Choose the correct time zone before booking
  • Appointments are available for patients living in Australia and New Zealand only
  • Remote/distance consultations only. These are available via phone or video. In person appointments are currently not on offer.
  • Contact me before booking for a child under 13 years of age and include details on the case (age, presentation, history).
  • Late cancellation fee of $50 for less than 48 hours notice. If no notice is given and you are not available for your appointment the full appointment fee will be charged.

Appointment Bookings

Australia and New Zealand Bookings Only

How We Work Together

In your initial appointment we cover your history, presenting symptoms, diet and lifestyle. Together we will piece together a picture of your health, establish a baseline and set some goals. Often follow up lab work is required and will be discussed here.

Within 24-48 business hours, a treatment plan will be emailed to you outlining my recommendations. These often include functional testing, herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle.

In your first follow up, 2-4 weeks later, I interpret your results from any lab testing that was ordered. We discuss how this impacts your treatment timeline and I update your healthcare plan to address the root cause of your symptoms ongoing.

Initially we connect for a 30-45 minute appointment every 2-4 weeks. During active treatment it is important to check in and discuss symptom improvements so that I can help steer and adjust the treatment.

When you begin to see significant improvements in your health and wellbeing our appointments together will progressively become spaced further and further apart. You will be working on the foundations we have established and ideally need less herbal and supplement support ongoing.

What I Don’t Offer

  • Email Support – Emails are not a good way to get you better. I have opted to keep my consult fees down and do not offer email support. If you need support before your next appointment reach out and I will book you in for a follow up sooner. If you are a patient that feels you need email support please let the admin team know and they can send over a referral to a clinic that offers this support.
  • Professional Counselling – While I understand emotional wellbeing is crucial for proper healing I am not a trained counsellor. If you suffer from moderate to severe anxiety or depression or are struggling with addictions then I recommend working with a skilled therapist alongside working with me.
  • Total Responsibility for Your Health – I see myself as a facilitator of health. You have to do all the hard work by taking your prescribed herbs and supplements and incorporating dietary and lifestyle changes as discussed. If I find myself working harder than you on your health goals I will address the issue and offer a referral if necessary.
  • Guarantees or Reliable Timelines – The longer I work with chronic health conditions the more I recognise the complexity of the human body. There are no guarantees that complimentary alternative medicine will cure your condition within a set timeline. While I am here to support your health I am not responsible for your health and health outcomes.
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