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about Me

Hi folks, my name is Todd Mansfield the resident herbalist here at Byron Herbalist. I’ve been been working with plants for years even before my interest in herbal medicine. In the Byron Herbalist clinic I help my patients resolve their pesky digestive health issues and focus on treating a range of conditions from SIBO, IBS, IBD, reflux, constipation, candida overgrowths and environmental mould exposure.

I hold a Bachelor of Health Science Degree from the Australian College of Natural Therapies and am an active member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia

How We Work Together

In your initial appointment we cover your history, presenting symptoms, diet and lifestyle. Together we will piece together a picture of your health, establish a baseline and set some goals. Often follow up lab work is required and will be discussed here.

Within 24-48 business hours, a treatment plan will be emailed to you outlining my recommendations. These often include functional testing, herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle.

In your first follow up, 2-4 weeks later, I interpret your results from any lab testing that was ordered. We discuss how this impacts your treatment timeline and I update your healthcare plan to address the root cause of your symptoms ongoing.

Initially we connect for a 30-45 minute appointment every 2-4 weeks. During active treatment it is important to check in and discuss symptom improvements so that I can help steer and adjust the treatment.

When you begin to see significant improvements in your health and wellbeing our appointments together will progressively become spaced further and further apart. You will be working on the foundations we have established and ideally need less herbal and supplement support ongoing.

Continual Professional Education

As a lifelong student and a lover of learning I spend much of my free time exploring the scientific evidence connecting the gut microbiota with health and disease.

I have completed postgraduate courses in

  • Gastrointestinal Masterclasses
  • Men’s Health Masterclass
  • Allergy Masterclass
  • Functional Diagnostic Masterclasses
  • Infectious Disease Masterclass
  • Female Reproductive Issues short courses
  • Essential Fatty Acid Use short course
  • MTHFR short course
  • SIBO masterclasses
  • IBD masterclass
  • Organic Acid Testing Interpretation

About Byron Herbalist

During my life I have explored many different passions and projects. Through it all there was, and always will be a focus on life. Herbal medicine ties together so many things that excite me. Growing and harvesting plants and then using them to help people regain their health and vitality is a dream come true. It almost doesn’t seem real.

Here at Byron Herbalist I focus my time on researching the scientific evidence and the historical use of herbal medicine from the wisdom traditions of the world. It is a fine line to walk. Currently I think we are leaning too far towards the reductionist science and forgetting that the plant medicine that we use has depth that science can’t determine.

I take what science has to offer but always keep in the back of my mind the principles of true grass-roots herbalism. Focusing on building a person’s vitality and health, supporting their physical, emotional and mental health is all possible using herbal medicine.

Here you will find easy to read information on helping you regain your health with herbal medicine. Every now and again I will publish an article or two exploring the most recent scientific evidence. As gut health and the gut microbiome (all the bugs that make up our gut microbiota) is a major interest of mine I will definitely be sharing some thoughts there too!

Don’t forget that this website is here for you. If something grabs your attention or you have any questions or comments then leave them in the comments below the articles.

Todd Mansfield

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