What is it like to work with me? 

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Carla B.

“What can I say he resolved my issues within 24 hours, something the doctors haven’t managed for years! Thank you 😀”

Google review

Marcin D.

“Todd is an extremely knowledgeable gentlemen, my head is still spinning. Pleasure to work with!”

How do I help you get to the bottom of your pesky digestive health problems? 

The best way to introduce you to what I do is to share one patient’s story.

This patient, let’s call her Rose, had a long history of constipation, nausea and abdominal pain. She had been to see her doctor and they had ruled out all of the major issues. No serious infections, no diseases diagnosis. Nothing. 

Next Rose changed her diet. She cut out gluten and dairy and reduced her sugar intake considerably. All of this helped a bit, but nothing completely fixed her digestive symptoms.

Finally, after years of gut symptoms, she found her way to the Byron Herbalist clinic. 

After an initial consult (and lots of questions on bowel movements) we decided to run a few targeted lab tests. Lo and behold, the results came back showing she had small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. In all honesty SIBO was probably something that she had been dealing with for years. 

SIBO test showing methane overgrowth in the small and large intestine.

With a clear understanding of her gut imbalances her treatment was targeted and Rose progressively got better. Her constipation improved and her abdominal pain resolved after 3 months of treatment. 3 months more and she could include food that had caused reactions and triggered symptoms for years. 

With long lasting, chronic health issues I have found it’s best to get a clear understanding of what we are treating, this way we can be laser focused our approach and we can track our progress. 

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